• IT ALL BEGAN WITH THE VISION OF ONE MAN to upgrade the skills of the Filipino seafarer, to be able to ride the waves of any sea or ocean, to crew the biggest and most complex of ships - to be among the best seafarer in the world. With this dream, Capt. Inocencio P. Estaniel, Philippine Navy (Ret.) established the Trans-Global Maritime Agency, Inc. (TMAI) on September 1, 1977.

    As sturdy and unyielding to the untamed seas as a well-manned vessel, the young TMAI triumphed over the waves of tests that face a new company. Today, the company has earned its niche in the industry. It is consistently named by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration as one of the top manning agencies for its performance and quality oriented services.

    ORGANIZATION & SERVICES TEAM Trans-Global has evolved since 1977 into 6 departments to address the needs of its principals. Accounting handles seamen allotments, disbursements while maintaining policies set by the principal. It also undergoes regular audits required by principals and Trans-Global. Operation takes care of seaman documents processing and deployment plus travel arrangements for contract assignment, overseas training attendance. ShipGroups are assigned specific principals dedicated to focus on Principal fleet administration requirements ranging from manpower scheduling, seafarer career development, promotability, safety, fleet stewardship reports and statistics. Recruitment And Training looks into seaman training both mandatory by government or in house principal. Administrative is responsible for crewmail, shipboard recreation, welfare and benefit administration including annual fleet get together and Christmas parties. Lastly, the Executive group acts as lead coordinator with its principals for policy directives, liaising with local and foreign industry sectors.

    Also, a Crisis Action Team (CAT) was established in 1990 to address anticipated critical situations which affect seafarer families during times of emergency like calamities. It also looks into a seaman families and informs seafarers onboard of any development to ensure that the communication flows smoothly between TMAI and its principals, the vessels and seafarer's families. Country Situationer Report (CSR) are also provided as required. TEAMWORK and proper coordination is the underlying reason for the success of the CAT.


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